DBSec2019 Accepted Papers

Shun Takagi, Yang Cao, Yasuhito Asano and Masatoshi Yoshikawa. Geo-Graph-Indistinguishability: Protecting Location Privacy for LBS over a Road Network
Radek Hranický, Filip Lištiak, Dávid Mikuš and Ondřej Ryšavý. On Practical Aspects of PCFG Password Cracking
Hossein Shirazi, Bruhadeshwar Bezawada, Indrakshi Ray and Chuck Anderson. Adversarial Sampling Attacks Against Phishing
Jacob Leon Kröger and Philip Raschke. Is My Phone Listening In? On the Feasibility and Detectability of Mobile Eavesdropping
Maho Asada, Masatoshi Yoshikawa and Yang Cao. ``When and where do you want to hide?" -- Recommendation of location privacy preferences with local differential privacy
Salvatore Manfredi, Silvio Ranise and Giada Sciarretta. Lost in TLS? No more! Assisted Deployment of Secure TLS Configurations
Alexander Puchta, Fabian Boehm and Guenther Pernul. Contributing to current challenges in Identity and Access Management with Visual Analytics
Marietheres Dietz, Benedikt Putz and Guenther Pernul. A Distributed Ledger approach to Digital Twin secure data sharing
Diptendu Kar and Indrajit Ray. That's My DNA: Detecting Malicious Tampering of Synthesized DNA
Mahmoud Abdelsalam, Ram Krishnan and Ravi Sandhu. Online Malware Detection in Cloud Auto-Scaling Systems Using Shallow Convolutional Neural Networks
Wladimir De la Cadena, Daniel Kaiser, Asya Mitseva, Andriy Panchenko and Thomas Engel. Analysis of Multi-path Onion Routing-based Anonymization Networks
Misiker Tadesse Aga, Colton Holoday and Todd Austin. Wrangling in the Power of Code Pointers with ProxyCFI
Cory Thoma, Adam Lee and Alexandros Labrinidis. Shoal: Query Optimization and Operator Placement for Access Controlled Stream Processing Systems
Raúl Pardo and Daniel Le Métayer. Analysis of Privacy Policies to Enhance Informed Consent
Bruhadeshwar Bezawada, Indrajit Ray and Kushagra Tiwary. AGBuilder: An AI Tool for Automated Attack Graph Building, Analysis, and Refinement
Scott Stoller and Yanhong A. Liu. Algorithm Diversity for Resilient Systems
Sara Sutton, Garret Michilli and Julian Rrushi. Redirecting Malware's Target Selection with Decoy Processes
Davide Caputo, Luca Verderame, Simone Aonzo and Alessio Merlo. Droids in Disarray: Detecting Frame Confusion in Hybrid Android Apps
Mehrnoosh Shakarami and Ravi Sandhu. Refresh Instead of Revoke Enhances Safety and Availability: A Formal Analysis
Emad Alsuwat, Hatim Alsuwat, John Rose, Marco Valtorta and Csilla Farkas . Detecting Adversarial Attacks in the Context of Bayesian Networks
Mengyuan Zhang, Yue Xin, Lingyu Wang, Sushil Jajodia and Anoop Singhal. CASFinder: Detecting Common Attack Surface